Sports Massage

Be The Sports Enthusiast You Always Wanted to Be and ARE!!

Have your muscles felt sluggish, or do you have a nagging pain that keeps reoccurring when you are out on a run or bike ride? Challenged with not having that normal bounce in your legs when going out for your favorite exercise endeavor? Getting a Sports Massage can be the answer!!

 Sports massage is geared towards YOU!!

It is often geared towards professional athletes – and weekend warriors alike! No, you do not have to be a competitive athlete to benefit from this method!  It combines Deep Tissue, “Firm” Swedish massage and/or Active Release techniques when necessary. It is not just a general deep tissue massage. What is done during a sports massage treatment will depend on your goals and is always custom tailored for you. Sports massage can be broken down into three categories: Pre-event massage, post-event massage and maintenance massage. Because I specialize in this type of work, I can help you integrate massage into yGiving sports massage on shoulderour training or workout schedule!


Pre-event massage is performed one to three days before an event (race, game, competition, or just your challenged workout). The focus here is to increase blood flow, warm and relax the muscles and stimulate circulation. This will increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen that is carried by blood to the muscles, as well as mentally stimulating the athlete. Most of the time, the massage is carried out without any real deep tissue massage, and may incorporate Active Release depending of what exactly is happening.  However, if the athlete is nervous or anxious, then it may be beneficial to use more relaxing strokes which will  have a more calming effect.


Post-event massage is performed one to two days after an event. The focus is to remove waste and fluids from overused areas and to aid in the recovery process. No specific or deep work is done during this time. Overused muscles will often suffer micro-trauma from sustained exercise or contact sports – so the degree of trauma will vary from individual and athletic pursuit.  Because of this, the massage is always the same for everyone aiming only to flush the muscles using lighter pressure.


Maintenance massage for sports massage includes regular massage for maintenance and will address any injuries or imbalances through massage or active release. I will often bring into play the Active Release Technique, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, and Myofascial Release with a combination of all to attain the goal of the client on the table.  

Whatever your looking for in achieving your goal of in athletics, I know that I can help!