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Experience, Expertise, and a Deeply Therapeutic Touch

Like you, I want to feel good in everything I do. Whether it’s running, skiing, swimming, working, playing with my child, or just hanging out, we all deserve to be pain-free.

You have my promise that you will leave every treatmmassage therapist in Bend Oregonent more relaxed with soft-tissue that is healthier, and possibly pain-free in just a few sessions.

Massage Therapist Unique to Bend, Oregon

My athletic passion began when I started competing in athletic events at the young age of seven at the All Comer Track Meet in Eugene, OR.

In 1992, I made the decision to become a massage therapist and in 1995, earned my license in professional massage. Because of my extraordinary hand strength, I could more effectively specialize in deep-tissue massage. I especially liked its therapeutic quality over any other type of massage for myself and especially for my clients!

In 2004, I added 500 massage/movement protocols to my treatment protocols with certifications in Active Release Techniques of which treat the muscles, tendons, ligaments and even even release nerve entrapment with this technique. I’ve been lucky to study and continue to learn Active Release Techniques for over 12 years now!  Now I combine ART and deep-tissue massage to treat injuries and pain in the upper and lower extremity and spine.

I bring you the most integrative treatment possible. I continue to update and add to my certifications as best as I can with have a toddler around.  I love to work with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths,  and personal trainers.

21 Years of Treating – and Eliminating – Thousands of Injuries & Symptoms

tanadoingartFor over two decades, I’ve given the athletic community the pain-free results they demand to remain competitive. I treat virtually every injury diagnoses and symptom for professional and amateur tri-athletes, bodybuilders, rock climbers, road/mountain bikers, Olympic medalists, and the repetitive injury strain of office workers.

I’ve treated people in top sport organizations like the Nike Prefontaine Classic and Iron Man, music stars associated with Brookes & Dunn and Sheryl Crow, and Hollywood stars like Billy Crudup and Monica Potter (“Without Limits”).

Even though I’ve worked with many well-known people and organizations, I strive to help EVERY body … whether you’re an athlete or not … be pain-free and deliciously relaxed.

When I’m not treating clients, I enjoy being with my family first and foremost, I also enjoy hiking, photography, mountain biking, running, fermenting food, trying to eat healthy and gardening.

Some of my personal and professional accomplishments are:

  • 1995     Licensed Massage Therapist, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
  • 1995     Owner/Manager/Therapist of my own massage practice
  • 1996     Nike IAAF Grand Prix Prefontaine Classic (Track & Field)
  • 1996     Olympic Trials for Track and Field, Atlanta , Georgia
  • 1996     NCAA Track & Field Championships
  • 1996     Massage therapist for movie cast “Without Limits”
  • 1996     Tour of Willamette Road Bike Race in Eugene , OR
  • 1997     Cascade Cream Puff 100-mile mountain bike race
  • 1999     NCAA Track and Field Championships
  • 2000     Moved practice from Eugene, OR to Bend, OR as Active Therapeutics, LLC
  • 2003     Certification in Active Release Techniques Spine
  • 2003     Massage therapist for Cold Play backstage crew and band members
  • 2004     Co-founder and massage sponsor of Bend Bella Cyclists, a women’s mountain/road biking club in Bend
  • 2005     Ironman Arizona – Active Release Techniques/Massage performance care provider
  • 2005     Ironman Idaho – Active Release Techniques/Massage performance care provider
  • 2005     Bonzai Triathlon- Active Release Techniques/Massage care provider
  • 2004     Certification in Active Release Techniques Upper Extremity
  • 2004     Certification in Active Release Techniques Lower Extremity
  • 2007     Certification in Active Release Techniques Nerve Entrapment
  • 2007     Certification in Personal Training
  • 2008     Massage therapist for Brooks & Dunn and Sheryl Crow backstage crew and band members
  • 2012     Moved to central location of Bend, inside 360 Strength, a personal training facility20160815-DSC_4254

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