Knee Pain & Injury

Knee Pain & Injury

Solutions That Eliminate Knee Pain and Re-Injury

When you have knee pain from soft-tissue injury, it can range from mildly annoying to pain where every move of every day can be excruciating … and may cause further knee injury.

Major knee injuries include a torn ACL (ligament), torn meniscus (cartilage), and ruptured or torn tendons, to name a few.

Minor knee injuries include knee tendonitis, knee bursitis, Iliotibial band syndrome, and muscle strains.

With both major and minor knee injuries, if you don’t eradicate the source of the problem and heal the knee injury completely, you won’t be able to relieve knee pain. It could bother and affect your lifestyle and activities for many years.

Knee Pain

To completely heal a soft-tissue knee injury and relieve knee pain, it’s ideal to try a mix of options that include different therapies and treatments. Try to avoid knee surgery at all costs.

Surgery in general should be your last resort because it’s invasive nature can cause referred injury, pain, and a significant amount of scarring. It can lead to more knee problems, such as decreased range of motion, adhesions, and poor circulation in the knee.

Using Active Release Techniques combined with deep-tissue, injury-specific massage has an upwards of a 90% success rate of completely eradicating injury and pain of the knees – and any other soft-tissue region.

Recommended treatment for the complete healing of soft-tissue knee injury:

For symptoms and for temporary relief while you’re being treated with Active Release and deep-tissue massage:

  • Ice-Heat-Ice – alternate every hour, especially critical within the first 48 hours of a knee injury
  • Elevate – especially when resting and icing to reduce inflammation
  • Compress – to reduce inflammation
  • Brace – to keep injury area stable
  • Pain relief and anti-inflammatory – I recommend:
    • Traumeel – a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic in cream and medicine tablets) for acute injuries and inflammation of the musculoskeletal system;
    • Sombra – a natural pain relieving gel analgesic;

When you have knee pain, a new knee injury, or a knee that is not healing or working properly, please call me. I’ve treated many people who suffered with knee injuries for years with Active Release and deep-tissue. In less than a handful of sessions, almost all were completely pain free and back to their regular activities and workout.

Call me. I’m here to help you feel your best and get you back on your feet from a knee injury.