“I’m 63 and quite active in competitive swimming and several other sports along with the stress of having my own business and raising 3 daughters.  I’m sure everyone enjoys and knows the benefits of a good massage, but Tana’s massages are so much more and I contribute some of my success to Tana’s  magical hands.  I’m proud and fortunate to know Tana since the year 2000 and there’s no one that gives a better deep tissue sports massage – and as a bonus, she has also been trained in active release technique for many years. 

I love Tana’s massages and look forward to seeing her as frequently as my body needs – and partial thanks to her, being 63 is great!”

Mike Tennant

Tennant Developments & Master’s Swimmer


“I was aTanaworkingonneck testimonials Conrad Stoltzmazed at how quickly, efficiently, and with relatively little pain Tana got rid of knots and tight muscles, getting my body aligned in just one session. She’s way more than just a great massage therapist! Training up to 35 hours a week, I know I can really push my body to the limits, because at the end of the week, Tana will just fix me again.”

Conrad Stoltz
professional tri-athlete


henryporter testimonials“As an active 77 year old guy, I’ve been suffering from neuropathy in both feet for many years. After just one session with Tana, I felt immediate relief. Her ability to correct muscle issues as they relate to nerve centers has reactivated both feeling and circulation in my feet. I strongly recommend her outstanding services to anyone who has muscle or nerve issues that lessen your quality of life. She is awesome!”

Henry Porter


“I had a hip issue for over 5 years and constant pain where my hamstring went into the gluteus. I’ve done acupuncture, went to a chiropractor, and had the doctor look at it, and deep tissue massage, but never got permanent relief. Everybody had a different idea of what it was but no one seemed to be able to help.

It was only after I started going to Tana and she used Active Release Techniques combined with deep tissue massage that the pain finally started to go away. She got in there and really figured it out. I felt relief after the second treatment and by the sixth treatment the pain was gone, and it’s never come back. My hip is still a little stiff but now I can run again with no pain whereas before every time I started to run, my hip would just kill me. Thanks to Tana I have my life back!

Scott Kirksey
Bend, OR

“It’s only when I get on Tana’s table that I realize how badly my body and racing mind needs her healing hands. She’s a true deep tissue massage and sports massage specialist!”

Elin Bullmann
web copywriter, Nordic/downhill skier, snowboarder, mountain biker, hiker

testimonials“I’d never had a massage before and I have to say … it was the most relaxing, therapeutic experience I’ve ever had! But when Tana added her release techniques to the massage, I could really feel it working. It was worth every penny to finally feel better and get my hip injury behind me – without surgery!”

Tom Wilson
employment recruiter, golfer


testimonials with Betty“I am a 61 yr. old Master’s Track & Field sprinter, which in itself is a testament to Tana’s work. Tana is part of my regular training and competitive edge she keeps this older body “fine tuned.” Without her, I’d be laid up with injuries that would keep me from running, as I was before I met her. She has a gift that she knows exactly where a problem is and works it out before it becomes an injury. My every other week session with her is an absolute must if I’m going to keep competing and feeling my best.”

Betty Schaefer


“Now I’m able to run without having to constantly stop to stretch … and I can go about my day with no pain. All along I was suffering and unable to do many activities comfortably, when I could have fixed this problem through Tana’s massage.”

Kristin Rodriguez
marathon runner

backmassage“Tana has been just great – what a treat! I was very impressed with the depth of conversation and digging in she did to get to the root of my pain. Once she identified where my problem was, it was a done deal. Within 2 or 3 appointments I was totally out of pain and the problem was gone! Everyone I’ve sent to her thanks me over and over and tells me she’s the best tip they’ve ever got!”

Jim Moran
Bend, Oregon


“I am a long distance runner and with all the training and racing that I do, I put a lot of stress on my body.

Recently, I have been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis – heal pain caused by a tightening of muscles in the leg that pull on the plantar fascia. Tana works on those muscles, especially in the calf area to help me heal quickly and completely.

Tana’s work is so important, especially as I get older and seem to take longer to recover. Active Release Technique and deep tissue massage are key to breaking up scar tissue and releasing tight muscles. I really could not run (which I love to do) without her help.”

Jeannie Groesz