Injury Treatment

Injury Treatment
in Bend, Oregon


Find out for yourself… just how EFFECTIVE deep-tissue massage and Active Release Techniques is in treating injuries – relieving and eliminating pain in ALL areas, including:

Headache relief with massageHeadache:

Massage therapy can decrease the occurrence of migraine and tension headaches and increase serotonin levels. If you suffer from frequent headaches, massage can help reduce trigger points and muscle spasms that cause your headaches, and as a result, achieve a level of relaxation and stress-relief.



Deep-tissue massage combined with Active Release Techniques has an impressive 90% success rate in completely relieving neck pain caused by muscle strains, soft-tissue injury, or nerve compression. If chiropractic work, drugs, or physical therapy have not relieved your pain, you should try massage therapy.  read more…


2016-03-21_62975 - Version 2Shoulder/Rotator Cuff:

Moving your arm can be difficult and painful if you suffer from a dislocated shoulder or a torn rotator cuff. Regardless of what causes the stiffness or soreness, shoulder massage is an effective way of increasing your range of motion. Deep tissue massage can provide significant relief of tension, stiffness and pain. Beyond the initial massage work, continued massage therapy can help to avoid future problems.



2016-03-21_62996 - Version 2Back:

Deep Tissue Massage can help alleviate your pain and muscle spasms and increase mobility by massaging the muscles and releasing tension in the tissues. Back massage can provide significant relief of chronic pain when used along with other types of medical treatment. Back massage therapy relaxes muscles and makes joints more limber to improve your range of motion and flexibility.



2016-03-21_62936 - Version 2Knee:

Using Active Release Techniques combined with deep-tissue, injury-specific massage has a 90% success rate of completely eradicating injury and pain of the knees and any other soft-tissue region. read more…




foot pain and plantar fasciitisPlantar Fasciitis :

Don’t let plantar fasciiitis interrupt your active lifestyle when you could be out of pain in as little as a couple of weeks. Using Active Release Techniques in combination with deep-tissue massage, targeted stretches, and treatment you can do on your own, I can usually resolve most cases in just 3 to 6 treatments – with a 90% success rate of full recovery. Traditional treatments (non-surgical) can take as long as 6 weeks to 3 months and still not fully eliminate the problem. To keep plantar fasciitis from coming back, treatments as little as once a month is all it takes. read more…


hamstring pain and massage

ITB/Hamstring Strain :

Depending on the level of tightness and hamstring injury, it typically only takes a few treatments to break up and release the soft tissue, which then allows hamstrings to move freely without pain. Often just one maintenance treatment per month is enough to keep hamstrings free of pain and functioning correctly so more severe injuries don’t develop.  read more…