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Massage that helps you get out of pain
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Do you suffer from:

> Stiff, achy, tight muscles?
> Numbness or shooting pain?
> Limited range of motion?
> Feeling tired or overworked much of the time?
> Pain even after trying many different therapies and even surgery?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the following information can help you relieve your pain once and for all. One treatment is so effective in eliminating the source of pain and soft-tissue injury in 90% of the cases, that it’s called “The Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Injuries.” And now there’s a way to get relief even faster.

But first…

back painWhat causes most “aches and pains?”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a lot of pain, or just a little. When you have pain, it limits your activities and decreases your quality of life. Pain gets in the way of everyday activities and brings down athletic performance. Pain is exhausting. Sometimes it’s all you can think about.

Most people suffer from the most common source of pain — soft-tissue injury. In fact, about 70% of the population has a soft-tissue injury. They can happen in a variety of ways — on the job, playing sports, running, or from just normal, everyday activities.

There are 2 types of soft-tissue injuries.

One builds up slowly over time, such as repetitive strain injuries from typing too much, with pain that feels stiff, achy, and/or sharp.

The other type of soft-tissue injury is caused immediately from a sudden or wrong movement. You know exactly when, where, and how the injury happened, such as when you pull a muscle or sprain an ankle. This pain can be very sharp, cause weakness, and stop you from most or all activity.

Soft-tissue injuries don’t usually just “Go Away”

Regardless of how they happen, a soft-tissue injury doesn’t usually just “go away” by itself – at least not completely. These injuries can cause significant pain and limit your ability to move. These injuries can plague you for years, and even a lifetime.

A doctor can ensure there isn’t other issues causing your pain beside a soft-tissue injury. For years, what would normally follow almost all diagnoses is physical therapies such as ice, heat, exercise, ultra-sound, electrical stimulation, and drugs.

The reason most soft-tissue injuries don’t go away completely is because these traditional treatments haven’t been effective. They don’t treat the source of the problem nor do they treat an injury as a system of interrelated parts. Only the symptoms are treated, so relief is temporary and the pain comes back. That’s why once you have a soft-tissue injury, you tend to have it forever. It’s really hard to get over.

Even surgery isn’t always a cure. In fact since surgery is a very invasive procedure, it can cause more scarring, soft-tissue damage, and pain.

How to eliminate soft-tissue injuries once and for all
… and live pain-free

Many people have heard of Active Release Techniques (ART), which has a 90% success rate in treating soft-tissue injuries. Since it was developed by a doctor (Dr. Michael Leahy) and has been proven effective for decades, it’s earned its reputation as, “The Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Injury Treatment.”

getting out of pain with deep tissue massage and active release techniques in Bend OregonBut what you might not know is that when ART is combined with deep-tissue massage, soft-tissue injuries can be resolved even more quickly, and normal healthy tissue completely restored with full range of motion.

Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the conditions that can be completely eliminated.

Active Release Techniques combined with restorative deep-tissue massage therapy works faster, better for getting out of pain

I’m Tana Clark, a certified deep-tissue massage therapist and Active Release Techniques practitioner with over 20 years of training and experience. I’ve helped hundreds of people by getting out of pain from soft-tissue injury once and for all.

My professional experience working with a diverse clientele includes training and massage therapy for optimal health, injury and injury prevention, rehabilitation, and optimal athletic performance.

Effective Active Release is all in the hands. With so much experience, I intuitively feel irregular tissue with my hands. Then I use my hands to restore normal tissue through deep-tissue massage and the proper sequence of Active Release Techniques.

I can definitely relieve your symptoms, but what I’m really after is the true source of your pain. Once I find it, I use hundreds of massage and movement-based techniques to to “smooth” the muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments by breaking up knots, scar tissue, and adhesions (soft-tissue stuck together).

Instant relief with permanent, pain-free results

This release provides instant relief and allows soft-tissue to relax, realign, heal, and move normally again. This therapy changes the texture, tension, and movement of the soft-tissue, for permanent, lasting results.

The result is a pain-free body that functions properly with full range of motion. Muscles relax and flex freely. Joints, tendons, and nerves move smoothly.

Especially if you’ve tried everything else and you’re still in pain, it’s worth a couple of minutes to make one phone call today to discover how you can start getting out of pain and then stay out of pain.

Call 541-948-0279 or email me at [email protected] for a free consultation or to make an appointment for deep-tissue massage, Active Release, or a combination treatment. Tell me about your injury and pain so I can explain how I can help you return to a life where you feel good everyday.

I guarantee you’ll feel better after just one or two sessions!

To your health,

Tana Clark

In the past, Tana has treated Ironman and other competition athletes as their official team Active Release Techniques and Massage Therapist.

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Massage Combined with Active Release Techniques
Keeps Top Competitors in the Game.”